Dare To Do More 2020 - AMESA

The Dare to Do More Challenge is a unique opportunity to pitch your BIG IDEA and compete for a job offer at PepsiCo.

Individual & Team Challenge




Growing up with some of PepsiCo iconic brands to actually pitching my idea to senior leadership and winning DTDM 2020 will always be a treasured memory. This was a turning point for my career in a number of ways – not only did I secure a job offer but the opportunity to interact and learn from leaders across multiple geographies is providing me broadened perspectives.

DTDM challenged me in many ways from learning how to build my pitch, sell my idea, provide solid financials and supporting business plans was all new for me. I really challenged myself to think like a potential investor. The masterclass from Cornell faculty was another highlight – all PepsiCo national finalists were invited across AMESA, this helped me shape my outlook on how entrepreneurs create value through the design thinking process. The special part about the competition was the interaction with all country winners. Sharing ideas and fun filled events fostered a unique kind of camaraderie that made a memorable journey.

Bijayeta Pati

Bijayeta Pati
Shereen Salah

As part of the DTDM journey in 2019 a stand out moment for me was presenting to PepsiCo AMESA’s leadership team, taking on the tough questions and feedback. Overall it really challenged me to think like a entrepreneur – be ready with my business plan, my Go-To-Market strategy and the Financial plan to back it up and prove viability and scalability of the project.

In 2019 the theme was sustainability which opened my eyes to the importance corporates play in tackling environmental issues, in particular damage done by plastic waste. This really is a competition for BIG ideas to come alive through innovation.

Shereen Moussa