Dare To Do More 2020 - AMESA

The Dare to Do More Challenge is a unique opportunity to pitch your BIG IDEA and compete for a job offer at PepsiCo.

Individual & Team Challenge



Dare to Do More (DTDM) is a global student challenge to address real business issues, spot the brightest minds and hear their plans to make a difference in the global food & beverage industry.
There are five stages of the challenge. The registration, the online assessment, submission of the key idea, the region final, and the sector final. You will go to next stage/round only if you clear the previous stage/round
Dare to Do More (DTDM) is open to individuals with the age of 18 years to 28 years (as on 1st January 2021) from India and Egypt with undergraduate and/or post graduate backgrounds, and working professionals with up to 3 years’ experience from select campuses. Please refer to the T&C for list of colleges & other detailed criteria.
You can register through our website, form a profile on the registration portal, set your personal account password. Fill registration information and basis eligibility as mentioned in our T&C, we will be assiting you with the registration process. Each person has to register individually and they can then move to the team page and add the email information of a team member they want to invite. In case, their partner is not eligible, the team member will be notified. Please read the eligibility criteria carefully before applying.
The competition is both a individual & team of two competition but contestants register as individuals. You can choose to participate alone or as team of two people. During registration, your team preferences would be checked & you will be asked to give the email address of your partner. If he/she is eligible, you will be paired up or else, you will be disqualified as a team.
A team can have one or two members but both members should be eligible to participate as per the criteria in T&C documents.
In a team of two members, both members should individually qualify the Assessment stage. Only top 50 teams with the highest scoring teams will move to the Big Idea stage.
All the eligible participants go through assesments and receive a report of their leadership profile. Top five finalists get chance to present to Senior Leadership virtually. Country Winners get an opportunity to join the PepsiCo team, mentorship from PepsiCo Senior Leaders and a chance to virtually present to present their ideas to our Sector Leadership Team. Sector Winners get an opportunity of an international stint at Dubai, an immersive experience of New York City with winners from all over the world and a day with the Global Leadership Team, depending on safety to travel as per COVID-19 and travel restrictions
Registrations begins on 22nd September 2020
Write to us on the contact page on this website.
DTDM will kick off on the 22nd September 2020 and will end in Jan 2021. For more details of rounds, please consult the website.
You will not be required to submit any document at the time of registration. Before the Country Finale, the shortlisted team members will be required to submit the documents as specified in the contest T&C for verification of their eligibility to participate in the contest. Please refer to the terms and conditions for more details.
If you are a national of India and Egypt but reside in another location you are still welcome to apply.
If you are a national of India and Egypt but reside in another location you are still welcome to apply.
For an Indian National, you need to be currently enrolled into one of the target colleges as mentioned in T&C. For Egypt, you can register if you have enrolled or graduated from one of the target colleges with a maximum of 3 years of experience.
No, you must submit your registration before the closing date of October 10th, 2020. Registrations submitted after this date will not be considered.
Please write to us on the contact us page.
After registrations close, successful applicants will be sent a link for complete an online assessment. This will test your cognitive abilities, critical thinking, problem solving skills, and English language proficiency. 
No, the deadline dates at each stage are clearly communicated via emails on your registered email IDs. Any registrations, videos, business case presentations or other required documentation submitted after the outlined deadlines will automatically be considered invalid.
Take a look at the stages section of this website or visit the contest T&C for more detailed information.
Sure, if you have friends, family or colleagues that you think might be interested, share this website and our social pages via the sharing links for them to consider the Eligibility Criteria for participation
PepsiCo Internal & External panellists will be judging your submissions.
All details including, eligibility, prizes, judging, data privacy can be found on the T&C section of this website.
If you did not find the answer to your question here or in the T&C section of this website or if you are having technical issues please write to us on the contact us page of the website.