Dare To Do More 2020 - AMESA

The Dare to Do More Challenge is a unique opportunity to pitch your BIG IDEA and compete for a job offer at PepsiCo.

Individual & Team Challenge



2020 Dare To Do More Challenge

1. “2020 Dare to Do More Challenge” (“Programme”)

The Programme is brought to you by
(i) Pepsi-Cola International Limited (Representative Office) in Dubai, the United Arab Emirates;
(ii) PEPSI-COLA EGYPT S.A.E and CHIPSY FOR FOOD INDUSTRIES S.A.E for all Participants from Egypt; and
(iii) PepsiCo India Holdings Private Limited for all Participants from India;
(hereinafter collectively referred to as the “Organizers”).

2. Programme Period

The Programme is valid from the 1 st of September 2020 to the 1 st of February 2021 (“Programme Period”). The Organizers may, in their absolute discretion, curtail or extend the Programme Period, as deemed necessary without any liability whatsoever.

3. Prohibited Participants

Participation in the Programme is prohibited for employees and contractors working in any capacity for the Organizers, its Affiliate companies, including any company in which the Organizers have equity interests, its joint ventures and joint venture partners, its contract- manufacturers, bottlers, its advertising and promotion agencies, and its auditors.

For the purpose of this Programme, “Affiliate” will mean any business entity which controls, or is controlled by, or is under common control with, a party where control will mean ownership, either directly or indirectly, of more than 50% of the ownership interests representing the equity, the voting stock, or general partnership interest of that business entity.

4. Programme Details

The Programme is divided into 5 (five) Phases. All submissions by the Participants need to be made and presented in English. In addition; all communications between the Organizers and the Participants, including the required interviews (Sections 8(i) d) & e and 9 (iii)), will be conducted in English. The Organizers shall publish the dates for each step in the 5 Phases to be completed by the Participants on www.daretodomore.pepsico.com (“Website”), @PepsiCoJOBS, @PepsiCoAMENA and @PepsiCoDTDM pages on Facebook (“PepsiCo FB Pages”), @PepsiCo on LinkedIn (“LinkedIn Page”), @PepsiCoJOBS on Twitter (“Twitter Handle”), @PepsiCoJOBS on YouTube (“YouTube Channel”), @PepsiCoJOBS on Instagram (“Instagram”), and the Participants shall be required to regularly check for updates to ensure timely submissions and/or responses.

The Organizers will be under no obligation to personally inform each Participant of the dates to submit the required information/ documents at any stage of the Programme. Failure to complete a step by the required date as published by the Organizers or follow the instructions of the Organizers will lead to automatic disqualification at the sole discretion of the Organizers.

5. Eligibility Criteria

The Programme is open to participants who meet the following eligibility criteria (“Participants”):

(i) Nationals of India who are (hereinafter collectively referred to as “India Participants”)-

  1. Between the ages of 18 (eighteen) and 28 (twenty-eight) years as on 1 st of January 2021
  2. Students in the first or final year of their Post Graduate degree with no more than three (3) years of working experience and registered with one of the universities, listed below:

Participating Colleges for India

  • Institute of Management Technology – Ghaziabad
  • Narsee Monjee Institute of Management Studies – Mumbai
  • International Management Institute – Delhi
  • Symbiosis Institute Of Business Management –  Pune
  • Jamnalal Bajaj Institute of Management Studies, Mumbai
  • Symbiosis Centre for Management and Human Resource Development – Pune
  • KJ Somaiya Institute of Management Studies and Research
  • S. P. Jain Institute of Management and Research
  • Department of Management Studies –  Indian Institute of Technology Delhi
  • National Institute of Industrial Engineering  –  Mumbai
  • Indian Institute of Management – Shillong
  • Mudra Institute of Communication, Ahmedabad
  • Indian Institute of Foreign Trade – Delhi
  • Shailesh J. Mehta School of Management – IIT – Mumbai
  • Tata Institute of Social Sciences –  Mumbai

(ii) Nationals of Egypt who are-

  1. Between the ages of 18 (eighteen) and 28 (twenty-eight) years as on 1 st January 2021; and
  2. Students pursuing graduation from one of the universities (could be any year) as listed below; or
  3. Participants who have just obtained their graduate or postgraduate degree(s) from one of the universities (could be any year) as listed below; or
  4. Having up to a maximum of three (3) years of work experience from the date of graduation (hereinafter collectively referred to as “Egypt Participants”)

Participating Colleges for Egypt

  • Cairo University
  • Ain Shams University
  • Helwan University
  • Arab Academy for Science and Technology
  • The British University in Egypt
  • Misr International University
  • The American University in Cairo
  • The German University in Cairo
  • Alexandria University
  • Benha University
  • Assuit University
  • Université Française d’Égypte
  • MSA University
  • Misr University For Science And Technology

6. Phase ONE: Registration.

(i) Participants will be required to visit https://xathon.mettl.com/event/Pepsico_DareToDoMore to complete the registration requirements as detailed therein (“Mettl Portal”).

(ii) Participants must register individually but they can team up as either a single member or two-member team. The contact details included by Participants to the Mettl Portal to facilitate their participation in the Programme should remain accurate through the Programme Period. Contact by the Organizers will predominantly be facilitated via email and the Organizers shall have no obligation to verify or update any Participant’s contact details initially included to the Mettl Portal. Failure by the Organizers to establish contact with a Participant will result in automatic disqualification of the Participant from the Programme.

(iii) Any data required as part of the registration process on the Mettl Portal is being uploaded by Participants in accordance with the terms and conditions contained thereto and the Organizers shall under no circumstances be liable for any breach of privacy or unauthorized access to data uploaded by the Participants to the Mettl Portal.

7. Phase TWO: Online Assessment

(i) All teams who have completed the registration process and comply with the Eligibility Criteria will be invited to complete an online assessment on a third-party website (“Aon PepHire Assessment”) focused on the Participant’s cognitive abilities, problem-solving, and critical thinking skills. The reports to be received by the Organizers following completion by the Participants of the Aon PepHire Assessment shall be the exclusive property of the Organizers but will be shared with the Participants for their information.

(ii) A maximum of 50 individual Participants from each Egypt and India will qualify for Phase THREE, selected based on the highest average scores achieved by the Participants under the PepHire Assessment.

(iii) The top 50 Participants will have three (3) calendar days to confirm their availability and willingness to proceed to Phase THREE failing which the next best Participant will be elected to proceed to Phase THREE.

(iv) The Organizers will not be liable for any loss of data due to server issues or other technical faults.

8. Phase THREE: Your Elevator Pitch

(i) The shortlisted teams identified under Phase TWO, shall be required to complete the following tasks as part of Phase THREE:

  1. Each Team shall create a PowerPoint presentation containing not more than 4-5 slides suggesting a disruptive trend in the food and non-alcoholic beverage market that PepsiCo could exploit in the future (“Big Idea”) to include the business plan, financial analysis, and working model.
  2. The Big Idea should be short, creative, to the point & address the following:
    • Short description of your idea;
    • Business Plan with guidance on how your idea will complement PepsiCo’s current product portfolio;
    • Financial strategy & Return on Investment;
    • End-to-end product cycle to include product creation and go-to-market strategy and marketing plan.
  3. The Big Idea is to be submitted via a link (that will be shared with qualifying Participants via email) by the date as specified by the Organizers.
  4. Only one submission per team will be considered to be made before the deadline
  5. Interviews. The organizer will consider all Big Idea submissions and elect (in its sole discretion) no more than best twenty (20) to attend a virtual interview following registration on the Kenexa Platform.
  6. All entries will be evaluated on the novelty and creativity of their Big Idea and the Participants’ communication skills displayed during the interviews following which a maximum of 5 teams each from India and Egypt will be shortlisted to proceed to Phase FOUR (the “Country Finalists”).

(ii) The Country Finalists will be contacted twice and notified once via email. In case they are not reachable or fail to reply to the email or acknowledge receipt of the email and confirm participation within 24 hours of being informed, for any reason whatsoever, the Organizers will, at its sole discretion, select the next best team without any further notice to that Country Finalist who failed to respond.

9. Phase FOUR: Country Finalists Phase

(i) The Country Finalists will be required to develop from their Big Idea a PowerPoint presentation not to exceed 15 slides satisfying the following criteria (“Submission”):

  1. A clear description of the idea with an appropriate business plan;
  2. How will your idea complement the existing PepsiCo portfolio and operating model;
  3. Present a financial strategy to address as a minimum (i) investment required; (ii) projected revenue; and (iii) projected return on investment;
  4. End-to-end product cycle to include raw material procurement, product creation, go-to-market strategy, marketing plan and Target consumer;
  5. What risks do you envisage as part of your plan?
  6. Reasons why you view your ideas as a potential long-term success for PepsiCo.

(ii) In order to verify compliance by the Country Finalists with the Eligibility Criteria, the Organizers will collect from each Country Finalist documents as listed below. Any decision by the Organizers on whether a Country Finalist meets the Eligibility Criteria shall be final and binding.

  1. Copy of student ID
  2. Copy of a valid passport
  3. Copy of national ID
  4. In case of graduates/ post graduates- relevant degree from the university
  5. In case of working professionals- appointment letter or experience letter, as may be applicable
  6. Complete a conflict of interest form (provided by the Organizers)
  7. In case of male Egyptian Nationals, certificate evidencing completion of military service or exemption letter/ document exempting them from participating in/ completing military service
  8. Such other documents as required by the Organizers to validate compliance.

(iii) The Country Finalists will be required to attend virtual interviews with PepsiCo and business leaders nominated by the Organizers for such purposes, with the dates to be confirmed by the Organizers.

  1. Country Finalists are required to confirm participation within 24 Hours of being provided with details of the interview.
  2. Failure by any Country Finalists to attend the interview as scheduled shall result in the automatic disqualification of under Phase FOUR.

10. Phase FIVE: Sector Finals and Winning Team

(i) Organizers shall select, in its sole discretion, from the Country Finalists the single best team from each of India and Egypt (the “Sector Finalists”).

(ii) The Sector Finalists will be required to virtually present their Submission developed under Phase FOUR to a panel comprising senior business leaders of the Organizers (the “Panel”) following which the winning team will be elected through collaborative review by the Panel (the “Winning Team”).

11. Prizes.

(i) Sector Finalists. The Sector Finalists will win, subject to all terms and conditions contained herein, one of the following 2 Options (collectively hereinafter the “Work Experience”):

  1. OPTION 1: For working professionals and final year students (having less than 1 year to graduate (degree–or post-graduation)
    • Management Trainee Opportunity for a maximum period of 18 months in the Sector Finalist’s Home Country*
  2. OPTION 2: For Students with more than 1 year remaining to complete their degrees (graduation or post- graduation)
    • Two (2) to three (3) months’ paid Internship in the Sector Finalists’ Home Country*.

*Home Country is defined as Egypt for the Egypt Participants and India for the India Participants.

(ii) Conditions for the Sector Finalists to avail the Work Experience:

  1. The Work Experience for the Sector Finalists represents solely a reasonable chance to gain future meaningful employment with the Organizers and shall at all times remain subject to ongoing acceptable work performance, exemplary conduct by all members of the Sector Finalists, and the business needs of the Organizers, as determined by the Organizers in their sole discretion.
  2. Any decision by the Organization to terminate the Work Experience shall be final and binding on the Sector Finalists in which case that aspect of the Prize shall be deemed forfeited.
  3. The Work Experience shall be in the field of Marketing, Human Resources, Supply Chain, Operations, Legal, Finance, Global Procurement, Sales, Business Development, E-Commerce, R&D, or such other field as the Organizers may determine at their sole discretion taking into consideration the Sector Finalists’ educational qualification and work experience (as applicable).
  4. Sector Finalists are required to graduate within one (1) year and provide the Organizer with valid proof of such graduation before the Organizers will formalize the Work Experience failing which the Sector Finalists are deemed to have forfeited the Work Experience.
  5. Male Egypt will be required to furnish to the Organizers a certificate evidencing completion of national military service or an exemption letter therefrom for the purposes of being offered the Management Training Opportunity/Internship as part of the Prize.

(iii) It is the Organizer’s intention to award the Winning Team, in addition to the Work Experience, international travel, and an international work stint as detailed below. However; the Organizers is fully committed to safeguarding the health and safety of the Winning Team specifically in light of the unprecedented COVID-19 worldwide pandemic that is expected to continue limiting international travel through 2021 and the prize to be awarded to the Winning Team is therefore subject to the conditions included below:

  1. Travel to PepsiCo headquarters in New York City to chance to travel to New York, meet its Senior Executive team, visit the PepsiCo Innovation Centre & an opportunity to meet and greet our Global CEO Ramon Laguarta (the “NY Trip”)
  2. International work stint for 2-3 months in the PepsiCo Sector Headquarters in Dubai (“Dubai Stint”).

(iv) Conditions for International Travel by the Winning Team:

  1. It is the Organizer’s intention to award the Winning Team both the NY Trip and the Dubai Stint. The Organizer will be guided by PepsiCo’s internal direction to its employees on non-critical business travel in determining whether they will authorize international travel for the Winning Team, as intended.
  2. IIf non-critical business travel for PepsiCo’s employees is not authorized by 31 July 2021, then the Winning Team will similarly not be authorized to travel for the NY Trip or the Dubai Stint (in the Organizer’s sole and absolute discretion) in which instances the Organizer will schedule virtual meetings relevant to the New Year experience in lieu of the NY Trip and/or assign the Winning Team to an international project to be completed on a virtual basis from their Home Country in lieu of the Dubai Stint.
  3. Subject to Section 11 (iv) above, if the Organizers authorize the NY Trip and/or the Dubai Stint:
    • The time, place/ venue, and dates for the NY Trip and Dubai Stint shall be at the sole discretion of the Organizers and the Winning Team is required to confirm availability within 24 hours from receipt of notification. No request for a change in venue or dates shall be entertained by the Organizers.
    • If any member of the Winning Team is unable for whatever reason to travel as intended, then the NY Trip and/or the Dubai Stint is deemed forfeited with no recourse available to the Winning Team.
    • The Winning Team is solely responsible to ensure they have a valid passport (minimum 6 months validity remaining on the date of application for any travel-related documentation like visas, work permits, etc.) with no travel ban to enable international travel, as required. The Winning Team will also be solely liable to secure any required visa documentation and/or comply with any work permit requirements to enable lawful entry to the United States of America and/or the United Arab Emirates no later than fifteen (15) days before the intended travel date.
    • The Organizers shall not be liable due to any cancellations and/or delays in the flights/transport arrangements, for whatever reason to include a force majeure event, and Participants shall have no claim of whatever nature against the Organizers as a result thereof.
    • Any reasonable costs to be incurred by the Winning Team shall be subject to the prior written approval of the Organizers in each instance as a prerequisite for the Organizers to be liable, therefore. Any cost incurred by the Winning Team without the prior written approval of the Organizers shall be for the Winning Team’s personal expense.

12. Personal Information

(i) Organizers will take appropriate measures during the gathering of Participants' personal information, including encoding, to ensure and prevent as far as reasonably possible, any unauthorized or illegal access to or exploitation of such personal information.

(ii) By participating in the Programme, the Participants agree that their personal information may be shared with any of Organizers’ Affiliates worldwide for promotional, communication, and recruiting activities as well as with third parties that are directly involved in the development and promotion of the Programme.

(iii) By participating in the Programme, the Participants agree that their personal information may be communicated to third parties involved in organizational aspects of the Programme. These processes include, but are not restricted to visa, travel, work permits, criminal background checks, and accommodation arrangements.

13. General conditions

(i) Participations herewith provide express consent to abide by the rules, regulations, policies, and obligations as mandated by Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, LinkedIn, and Instagram (hereinafter collectively referred to as “Sites”).

(ii) Criminal checks will be conducted for the Sector Finalists. Failing a criminal check would render entitlement to the Work Experience null and void.

(iii) At the end of the Programme and anytime thereafter, Participants may be contacted by the Organizers to explore future employment opportunities.

(iv) The Participants are not authorized, at any stage of the Programme, to directly or indirectly contact the media, or any media enterprise and/or to meet journalists or their associates, unless they have obtained the express written authorization of the Organizers. Any Participant that contacts the media or journalists without the express written authorization of the Organizers shall be automatically disqualified from the Programme.

(v) It is strictly prohibited to upload content (picture/text/any other content) of any kind that contains expressions of hate, abuse, offensive images or conduct, obscenity, pornography, sexually explicit or against any religious sentiments or against any caste, creed, or race or any material which is offensive to women or any material that could give rise to any civil or criminal liability under applicable law or regulations or that otherwise may be in conflict with these Terms and Conditions or any other applicable law. It is also clarified that any entry which, in the reasonable opinion of the Organizer, is found to be obscene, offending, and hurtful shall be rejected immediately, the Participants will be disqualified from the Programme; and appropriate action will be taken against the Participant(s).

(vi) The Participants agree and undertake that their entries will be their original product and shall not be in violation of any privacy rights, publicity rights, copyrights, trademark rights, contract rights, or any other intellectual property rights or other rights of any person or entity. Participants herewith accept and agree that they are solely responsible for their violation of any applicable laws or the rights of others and shall keep the Organizers indemnified to the fullest extent permitted under law.

(vii) By displaying, publishing, or otherwise posting any material on or through the Website, Sites or in connection with the Programme, to include without limitation the Submission, the Big Idea , and any ideas, concepts, know-how, names, slogans, or catch phrases contained thereto, the Participants hereby grant to the Organizers, an unrestricted, exclusive, royalty-free, perpetual, irrevocable and fully sub-licensable right to use, reproduce, modify, adapt, publish, translate, create derivative works from, publicly perform, publicly display, reproduce, commercialize and distribute such material, concept, idea, know-how, names slogan or catchphrases throughout the world in any media or platform know or hereinafter developed, such as for use on mobile phones, in video or music software programs, without the requirement to make payment to the Participants or to any third party or a requirement to seek any third party permission.

(viii) Any decision by Organizers will be final and binding with regard to the Programme and no correspondence will be entertained in this regard.

(ix) The prizes are personal to the winners and are not transferrable and cannot be sold under any circumstances.

(x) No cash payment will be made in lieu of any prizes awarded hereunder. Organizer accepts no responsibility for any tax implications that may arise from the prizes offered hereunder.

(xi) Organizers shall not be responsible for any loss (to include lost opportunity), injury, or any other liability arising out of or due to participation by any person in the Programme.

(xii) The organizer shall not be liable for any loss or damage due to an act of God, governmental actions, other force majeure circumstances and shall not be liable to pay any amount as compensation or otherwise for any such loss.

(xiii) The laws of the Dubai International Financial Centre shall apply to the Programme and all disputes relating to this Programme. The parties shall attempt to resolve any dispute through negotiations failing which the Courts at Dubai International Financial Centre shall have exclusive jurisdiction to resolve the dispute.

(xiv) By participating in this Programme, it is assumed that the Participant has read these terms and conditions and hereby assumes full responsibility for compliance therewith.